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Noble Travel and Tours was established in 1998 by Erfaan Salie. His passion for traveling and love for people started at a young age realizing his genuine desire to explore new places and learn about different cultures. He loved sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His desire grew as a young guide educating and enlightening tourists by providing historical, cultural, and local insights, making their travel experiences more meaningful and enriching. Seeing them hang onto his every word made him want to become the best at guiding. Becoming a tourism guide was the beginning of his growth journey. The thrill of learning new languages and gaining extensive knowledge about new destinations increased his excitement.

The Passion Continues.

Erfaan now possesses a wealth of experience combined with a deep understanding of his field. He and his guides are knowledgeable about their area of expertise and skilled at conveying information effectively to their audience. Their excellent communication skills enable them to engage and captivate their guests, making the experience enjoyable and memorable. Their passion for what they do shines through in their delivery, creating an infectious enthusiasm. They are adaptable and able to cater to diverse audiences, ensuring that everyone feels included and connected. Furthermore, they are personable, and approachable, and possess a knack for building rapport, making everyone feel at ease. Their reliability and professionalism allow guests to feel confident in their guidance.

With steady growth over the past ten years from a fledgling company operating one vehicle to its present position as a small yet competitive industry operator, Noble Travel and Tours has earned a reputation for satisfying the needs of the budget traveler with an appreciation of historical heritage, natural beauty, ecotourism, and human values.

Our Love for People.

Noble Travel and Tours maintains a strong focus on sustainable tourism, and a commitment to constant forward movement in terms of service, quality, and value for money. Motivated by an aspiration for the development of the disenfranchised communities of Cape Town, we fully support the government’s policy on black economic empowerment and present a fine example of entrepreneurship and employment equity.

Noble Travel and Tours offers transfers for individuals and groups. Our services include local and garden route tours, accommodation, surfaris, and safaris.

Our exclusive private tours and tailor-made tours offer memorable nature viewing & amazing cultural experiences.


Noble Travel and Tours can accommodate anyone from single to couples and group travelers. Our vehicles can easily accommodate from 1 up to 22 or more passengers. When it comes to our cars safety and reliability are top priorities. We ensure regular maintenance and proper care are given to keep our fleet safe and reliable.

sedan 3 seater
18-22 seater
7 seater

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